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gg-logo1.png 아시겠지만 녹색당은 전세계적으로 100여개국(full membership parties 93개국)에 존재하는 국제적인 네트워크 조직입니다. 한국의 녹색당도 예전에는 초록당사람들이 "Korea Greens"라는 이름으로 멤버십을 가지고 있었구요.

그러다가 지난 3월 초 전후로 초록당사람들이 해산을 결정하고, 3월 4일에는 녹색당이 정식 창당하게 되면서 멤버십의 변경을 신청했습니다. 원래 2~3개월 걸리기도 하는 심사 과정인데 빠른 답변을 해 주었네요!

드디어 우리도 세계녹색당(Global Greens)의 4개 대륙별 연합 중 아시아태평양 네트워크(Asia-Pacific Greens Network)에, “Green Party of Korea” 이름으로 정회원 자격(full membership)을 가지게 되었습니다!

아래 멤버 가입 승인을 알려온 공식 이메일과 신청 시 제출했던 양식 등을 붙입니다.

Green Party of Korea - APGN Full Membership acceptance

Dear Executive Committee of the Green Party of Korea,

apgn.png Congratulations!  I am writing to inform you that the Asia Pacific Greens Network Coordinating Committee (APGNCC) has approved your application for Full Membership to the APGN.  Thank you for your patience during this process.

As a full member the Green Party of Korea has full rights of decision-making (per the APGN rules, attached) and receives high funding priority.  Moreover, as a member, the Green Party of Korea agrees to adhere to the Global Greens charter (attached in English) and not to bring APGN into disrepute.

Your membership is publicized here:
http://www.asiapacificgreens.org/apgn-membership-structure#Full Members

Additionally, a Global Greens Network (GGN) has been created to facilitate democratic communication and decision making of GG affairs by Green parties around the world.  Members include the international Secretary and 3 others from each party.

More information, including the history, about the GGN is available here: 


To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the GGN Archives. The current archive is only available to the list members.

Let me know if you have any questions.  We joyfully look forward to continuing our collaboration in realizing a Green world!

With Respect and Appreciation,

Keli Yen

Convener, APGNCC 

※ 녹색당 당원 김선화, 손예린, 안기석님께서 도움을 주셨습니다. 감사합니다. 


- Asia Pacific Green Network Rules - adopted APGN Congress 2010

- Global Greens Charter 2001

- Greenparty of s. korea_final

- Memos on the Transition

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